গৌর ঘোষ এর দই

Bogra yogurt has a reputation of being unmatched in taste because of its unmatched taste. This yogurt is made in small bones of the soil in rural areas including Bogra district town. The businessmen here are selling crocodile yogurt daily for the work of millions of workers. Due to the demand for yogurt all year long, many unemployed people are getting involved with this business.

The family, known as Ghosh, started this industry some 200 years ago, but in fact, this yogurt has been renowned by Gaura Gopal Chandra Ghosh. When it comes to the fame of Bogra yogurt, Gaura Gopal’s name comes up.Gour Gopal’s yogurt gradually became very popular as it was very tasty. As a result, these businesses also spread to different areas of the district. In the beginning, only the people of Ghosbari used to make yogurt. Although Ghosh had a small shop, yogurt was still sold by ferry. At that time he made sour yogurt in a pot of soil. Now, the yogurt is being sold in small containers and plastic containers.


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