রুহিতপুরের খুদের খিচুরি

There is no comparison of rice, rice, bhaji, broth and pulses in Bengali food culture. Inser Ali’s khud rice and the filling of the verse should be shining with the savory taste of Egg fry. Even if your belly is full, you will feel like eating more. People from distant places come to this place for this amazing dish. Village Goalkhali, Thana Kiraniganj, district Dhaka. Two pockets of tin houses on either side of a small street in the village, one new, another old. A lot of MakeShift organizes, small bench table leaves. Holiday cyclists and food enthusiasts crowded the place. Hotel name, Suhana Hotel. Owner Inasar Ali, a couple of years ago, has opened a hotel with the exception of a simple idea named after his daughter. His family members handle the cookbook.

Price per plate? 5 bucks. If anyone goes out of Dhaka or cycling, there is no doubt that he will eat a plate.

During the holidays, usually on Fridays and Saturdays the business is freezing. Inser Ali or sells more than 100 plates of food at the weekend


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