Bagha Mosque

About 40 km from the city of Rajshahi is the historic Bagha Mosque. The ancient mosque made of brick has a total of 4 domes around it and two rows in the middle. Except for the 5 gates on the east side of the mosque, the north-south walls have been closed. Inside and outside the Bagha mosque, a lot of burnt earthenware can be seen. Inside the mosque there is a special prayer room on the high altar. It is still unknown to whom this particular prayer room was reserved.

From the capital city Dhaka, there are transportation ways via road, rail and sky routes to Rajshahi. The Green Line from Dhaka to Gbtali, Kalyanpur and AC Bus from Desh Travels for 800 taka to Rajshahi. And non-AC buses like Shyamoli, Hanif, National Travels, Bablu Enterprise are leasing from 400 to 500 taka.

From Rajshahi Sadar Bus Terminal, the bus leaves various buses. They cost 35 to 40 rupees per person to go to Bagha. Besides, you can visit the Bagha Mosque with CNG fare or reserve.


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