Our love and the sea

I have been to Sea before in before but with my friends. But last December I went to Saint Martin with my loved one, my other Half. when I was holding his hands and took a breath, I realized for the 1st time the depth of felling loved and love of the sea. We were planning this trip for a while. we took the night course bus and reached Teknaf by morning. But there were too much traffic Jam. So we reached late and our booked ship left. So we hired a trawler, this was a different experience by its self. Waves were all around us. This was a different air. When I closed my eyes, I felt like was flying in to wave clouds. But it was cold, very cold. When we got down we were shivering. Quickly we took our luggage and got in to that rickshaw and went to our hotel. After reaching we were tired like hell. That trawler journey was draining we understood at that time. After laying low for few mins we ran to the sea. heard the waves like never before. Like the sea was for us and we were for the sea. The rest was like the way it should have been. Breakfast – Sea- lunch-sea-dinner- sea. We were living life for those 5 days like a fairy tale. But whenever I feel that trip inside me, I remember I was sitting at a moss at the sea around me was loving me, taking care of me like my loved one would. Like the Great Sea is there for me and will be there for me endlessly.


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