Sylhet: Land of Beautiful Landscapes

Sylhet: Land of Beautiful Landscapes

Sayem Sujat



Sylhet, one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh, is full of lakes, haors, and mounds, hills and last but not the least the dramatic sky that attracts me the most. I offered one of my friends, who is a student of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), to be my guide for the Sylhet tour. He warmly welcomed me and that is how my journey to Sylhet begins. It was a night-coach bus from Dhaka that took me Sylhet early the following the morning.




After arriving in Sylhet, I went to SUST to meet my friend first. We had a quick breakfast at five brothers restaurant (pach vai restora ) and there I met my friend’s batch mate, who is a local guy from Sylhet! Our first destination was Jaflong, where we reached around 9.30am by a local bus. During that time, the weather of Sylhet was a bit cloudy and gloomy. I took some photographs there and went to the Zero Point- the last border of Bangladesh. Then we crossed the river and went to Khashia Punji (where a tribal group people lives) all by ourselves. The structure of their house and the tea garden attracted us most and obviously, the Kashia people have different life style and choice of clothing. After that, we started for Lala Khal around 12pm and reached there by 1.30pm. It would be great if you can manage any local resident for moving with you as it held us reduce the fare of the vehicle because of our friend’s local dialect. The serene beauty of that place made me spellbound. The mounds, the trees beside the lake and its crystalline   water was the most beautiful which made the place a wonderful location to visit. We also went to the teagarden and undoubtedly, that was beautiful as well. We returned to Sylhet town in the evening lodged with my friend in his mess. Then I went to bed early after having dinner.





The next we wake up early in the morning and grabbed a quick breakfast. Then we headed to Bichanakandi and Panthumai Waterfall from Ambor Khana hiring a three-wheeler. We reached our destination by three hours, which is located in the border of India and Bangladesh. We walked through the beautiful Bichanakandi village and I enjoyed the walk a lot.  It took us a two-hour walk to Panthumai -a beautiful place with mountains, rocks and river makes the moment worth to remember. I took the full advantage of the beautiful nature by clicking some photographs. Then we quickly moved towards the waterfall and reached there around 4pm. You will see every mountains, river and beautiful greenery with every footstep through the village. After a long walk we reached at the Pantumai Waterfall but unfortunately it was located in India. So I took photos of the waterfall from no man’s land. All I could wish was to stand by the waterfall for once, as it was huge and beautiful. Nevertheless, I took a quick look around the village and took some photos.

Then we returned back to Sylhet Town by the evening. I took shower and then took some rest. Then we had a walk around the night city and had our supper from a local hotel. Later, I took a bus in the night returned Dhaka safe. That is how my journey to Sylhet ends with great satisfaction. 


  •  Sylhet: Land of Beautiful Landscapes
  •  Bangladesh
  •  Sylhet, Bichnalandi, Lala Khal, Pantumai
  •  Car (Hire)
  •  500 taka per night
  •  600 tk per day


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