A Journey to Pukur para, Bandorbon

A  Journey to Pukur para, Bandorbon


Sayem Sujat


Traveling is part and parcel of my life. When I have a vacation or any kind of government holidays, I will try to use it to see the natural places full of immense beauty. Bangladesh is a land of natural beauties and Bandorbon is one of the most beautiful places in our country. Rivers, lakes, mountains, waterfalls will charm you there is no question about that. So I along with Rezwan and shihan vhai ( my group members of this tour ) decided to go to pukur para ( Rakhain lake)  which is actually located at Rangamati but you have to go there by pukurpara, Bandorbon because there is no way if you are using Rangamati. So we started our journey at 8th may 9 pm (local) from bus stand and reached Bandorbon early in the morning.




At first we went to the Ruma bus stand, ate our breakfast and eagerly waiting for the 1st trip bus to Ruma. At 8 30 am we started our journey and the view from the bus was really beautiful .Mountains are here and there all over the place.  We safely reached ruma at 12am and   then we have our launch at ruma bazaar and hired a guide for going to pukurpara. We filled the form which was given by the Bangladesh army and   started our journey towards Boga lake Bandorbon. We hired a jeep and gave   checking at Ruma police station on the way. We reached Boga Lake at around 3pm. We went to Siam didis cottage and have some banana and papayas, rested there for half an hour. I took some photos of the Boga Lake   and then we started our journey towards Saikat para. That’s   how our 1st day of tracking begins and our destination was to reach Saikat para at any cost. We walked like 5 hours and reached Saiktpara at 8pm. We took rest and have our supper at the chairman of Saikat paras house. The food was too spicy and it’s very tough to eat all of it. We also ate tuna fish that we carried with us and it was tasty. Then we went to sleep and we were so tired and all slept like a baby. And that’s how the 1st day of our tracking ends safe and sound.




We wake up early in the morning and didn’t waste our time   there for the breakfast because we have a long way to go. We passed Anondo para and reached ruma khal at 10pm. Then we have our breakfast with bread and mayonnaise, tuna fish that we carried with us. We took some rest and our tracking begins. The road was very tough and you should be careful at every step otherwise anything can be happen at any time!. The pukur paras trail was tough for every tracker and it’s tougher in the rainy season. You have to up and down three mountains if you want to go pukurpara. After almost 7 hours of tracking we reached our destination,Pukurpara.  Pukur Para has a huge lake wichu is fifteen times bigger than Boga Lake and it’s surrounded by mountains. There is also an Army base camp where you have to report yourself and they have a small canteen where you can get foods and daily necessities. We rested at Neru  dadas house and have our dinner. At 3 pm we started our journey and went to Rakhain Lake. As it’s the month of March the water level was low at the waterfall. I took some photos of the Rakhain Lake and stayed there for 2 hours. Then we came back to pukurpara at the evening and took rest. We ate our supper and went to sleep tight.





We started our journey early in the morning as usual our destination was to reach ruma bazar before the sun sets. The track was new to us because we never use that track before. Neru dada guide us to use that track as he was local and expect tracker. We were walking beside the Ruma canel and sometimes there is no way to walk!. So we took some risk in many places in our way to Ruma bazaar. Wa had our breakfast at 10pm somewhere beside Ruma canal and rested 15 minutes and again started our journey. I didn’t take photographes because the track was too risky and we all were in a hurry. The track was beautiful and that’s the best walk I have in my entire life. I was so beautiful and also very challenging. We walked all day long and crossed lairumpi near Ruma bazaar and at last reached Ruma Bazar safely at 6pm. Then we have our launch at a local hotel and went to one of our friend’s house to stay for the night. We have a shower and have our supper. As we all were tracking for the last 3days we actually can’t fell our legs and we all are ectremely tired. We went to sleep early and all slept tight. That’s how our long tedious 3rd day ends with lots of pain.


We went up early in the morning and looking forward to go to Bandorbon town as early as possible. We bought our ticket from Ruma Bazar to Bandorbon and reached there at 12 pm. We started to find bus tickets from Bandorbon to Dhaka but unfortunately no bus tickets were available at that time. That forced us to go to Chittagong in the local bus and we reached chttagong at 2 pm. There is a train from Chittagong to Dhaka at 3pm so we rushed to the train station and reached there at 2 .30 pm. We booked our tickets and had our launch as early as possible before the train leaves. At 3.05pm the train left the compartment and we were heading towards Dhaka. The train journey was also beautiful and the natural beauty catches our attention.  We reached Airport railway station at 10pm and I took local bus from there and safely reached my house. That’s how my journey to pukurpara ends and I will never forget this tour.



Cost- it depends on group members and the guide cost is increasing day by day so approximately 6000 tk each person


Route- Bandorbon- Boga Lake- Saikotpara- Anondopara- Pukurpara


Things you should carry- Medicine, Extra sandals, Saline, Extra cash, Tin foods and many more things.




  •  A Journey to Pukur para, Bandorbon
  •  Bangladesh
  •  Bandarban
  •  Bus
  •  300 tk per night
  •  600 tk per day


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