Enchanting Hum Hum Waterfall

Whenever I’ve heard of Hum Hum from whoever it was all praise. It was after hearing it’s praise for the umpteenth time that I decided to visit the waterfall, but could not manage the time.


In last semester break, after returning from Bandarban I’ve come to know that our Google Local Guide community is joining with another community for Hum Hum and Rajkandi tour. Since I’ve just returned from Bandarban I decided to skip this one. But due to peer pressure, I had to cave in, oh well, packed my bag and set sail towards the bus counter.



The sky was gloomy, even before we started. It’s usual to rain during the season, but this time it was different. The news was there was tidal depression and as a result, heavy rain is to occur 3-4 days throughout the country. Srimangal is the rainiest place in Bangladesh, we were doubting if we could make it to Hamham.


Someone who recently visited Hum Hum told me that a number of leeches they’ve seen during the summer and the amount of water flood, it’s unlikely that we can make it during the rainy season. We’re likely to swim the whole route, we didn’t have any problem with leeches, but since we had a female accompanying us also a foreigner, it was not likely that we could swim.


The sky started pouring before we reached Srimangal, and it was some rain, there was no sign of it stopping. We didn’t have much time in our hand, so we started nevertheless in our reserved jeep. Destination Adampur Forest Office Guesthouse.


After reaching Adampur State Forest Guesthouse, we wandered around and after light breakfast, we started to Kolabonpara. From there Hum Hum was a 3 hours trail. Since our female companion was slow it took us a bit more than 3 hours.


The trail started from here!


”The water was clear as glass, the stream was trailing down the mountain upon big boulders. Little mist of water was evaporating, forming a dense cloud. The scene was absolutely mind boggling. Seeing water stream coming down from 150 feet and going through rock formations was absolutely enchanting, lavish and wonderful. And the amount of unknown flora and fauna embracing the waterfall was just cherry on top.


This kind of scene is beyond any words, it’s not possible to describe it accurately in a paper. When the whole forest gets revitalized after a heavy downpour, Hamham gets back its primal beauty. And what an amazing site that is. When the clear water stream goes to the river, it feels like even the river is anxiously waiting for the stream to unite with her.” Yes, I talk about Hum Hum waterfall and the trail.



It was evening when we reached Kolabonpara from Hum Hum, after having a meal, we started to our guesthouse, just after dusk, one group started towards Dhaka and we stayed.


The next day we visited a trail in Rajkandi Reserve Forest and started to Dhaka.

Those days Ahhh. !

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  •  You have to stay in Sreemangal
  •  There are so many local hotel in Kolabonpara you have to order food from those hotel.


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