Moments of youth and liveliness

I am a teenager studying at intermediate level and have an enthusiastic friend circle from college. So last year in November, I along with my friend circle went to Ashuganj. 

My friend’s father is an S.P. of Naval Police whose posting is at Ashuganj. So we got tremendous help from him. We started our firstever journey without our parents. Six of us were heartily excited for this trip. We started for the destination early in the morning and reached the destination within one and a half hour. We took breakfast and then started for several spots.


The first spot was Ashuganj Fertilizer Factory. As we are the students of science background, we learnt how fertilizer is manufactured from various chemical components that we often read in our textbook. We saw the chambers of chemical engineers, chemists, chemistry lab and the whole factory. The experience was learnable and fun. There was a mind-blowing designed passage which I loved very much and took aesthetic photo at.  


Our second spot was Meghna river shore. 

We rode speedboat with highest speed and made poses like Jack and Rose of Titanic. 

The breeze was cool, the weather was moderate and our freedom was at tempest. We drenched our feet in the calm water of Meghna and the flow of that was hitting our feet at a high but relaxing mode. We told the boatmen to keep making circles twice, thrice and then again and again. 

And lastly, we visited the naval police office. There was a conference going on then. We met our friend’s father. Then it was almost afternoon and we decided to leave Ashuganj and start for Dhaka.

It was an amazing journey with my friends. 

We had no problem of accomodation, food, transport. My friend’s father did all the arrangements for us. We just enjoyed to the fullest. I have travelled to abroad with my family but this trip is most special till now because it gives me a flashback always; a flashback of youth, freedom and liveliness. 

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