Marayan Tang

Marayan Tang is a hill in the Mirinja Range, located in the Alikadam of Bandarban. Many people call this mountain also called marion dong. The height is about 5 feet. At the very top of the hill is a Buddhist temple. Open around and run upstairs. It has a huge statue of Buddha. The place is excellent as a sightseeing place. The upper part is flat. As far as the vision goes, only the hills and mountains. They are popping up in the gaps. The Matamuhuri River flows down like a snake. The crop fields are visible in his two wells.

There is a direct bus from Dhaka to Alikadam bus stand, the fare will be Tk850. Then from there you will go down to the residence with the auto, the rent will be 25 per person. After reaching the right-hand side of the residential road, about two-and-a-half to three hours walk will reach the highest hill of Alikadam, Marayang Tang. There is no food and water system, so dry food and water must be taken from the land.

​​Take plenty of water, glucose, saline, dry foods, first aid boxes, essential medicines along the way. If you want to cook, take the necessary materials, matches and fuel. There will be no shortage of dry wood to burn the fire. If you want to go camping at night, take a tent, sleeping bag, light sheet. Because even in the hot season, it is cold at night in the mountains. Before getting up the hill, if anyone on the plane receives the local administration, inform yourself of your purpose. If they have any suggestions, listen carefully. And if you want to get up or camping on the hill, inform the headmen of the hill on the way. If possible, ask for a phone number from them. You can tell them later if you need help.​​


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