Dhuppani Jhorna

Dhuppani Jhorna is situated in the Faruya union of Bilaichari upazilla of Rangamati. People didn’t know about it before, a monk started meditation under the fountain in the year of 2000, then he continued his meditation there for 3 months long. Local peoples went regularly there for his service, then the fountain became famous and people started to know about it. 

In Tanchangya language, Dhup means white. So the meaning of Dhuppani is a fountain of white water. The length is about 150 miles, several wild lives live here. The sound of falling water can be heard from 2 km away. This vast fountain is standing there with the majestic beauty and immense calmness. 

To reach to Dhuppani jhorna, if you start from Dhaka you have to move to Kaptai. From there you will have to hire a boat and you can reach to bilaichori n 2.5 hours. In local trawlers, the fare is 55 taka each. And if you hire a trawler by yourself, the cost will be around 2k to 2.5 k Taka. Complete your meals at Bilaichari bazaar. From Bilaichari, you have to go to Uluchori, find a guide there. With the guide you can reach to the Dhuppani jhorna, the magnificent fountain of white water. 


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