Hardinge Bridge

Hardinge Bridge is the longest railway in Bangladesh. The bridge is a crop of 24,400 workers and employees working five years of tireless work. The bridge is located on the Padma river south of the Pakshi railway station in Pabna district. The bridge was named after the then Viceroy Lord Hardinge. Hardinge Bridge is about 1.8 km in length. There are two broad gauge rail lines on the bridge. Upon approval of the bridge construction in 1908, British engineer Sir Robert William Giles took over the Hardinge Bridge.

From any part of the country, you can visit Pakshi Hardinge Bridge adjacent to Pakshi railway station. From there you can use rickshaw, Tempu, CNG from Ishwardi Railway Station or Ishwardi Bus Stand on any road or railway.

The British Inn Chief Engineer Robert William Giles was honored with the title of Sir for his outstanding contribution to the bridge.


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