Cox's Bazar

The 120 KM unbroken stretch of beach is the longest sea beach in the world, Cox's Bazar is the main tourist attraction of this beautiful Bangladesh. This uninterrupted natural sea beach is a tourist wonder, destination for millions of travelers throughout the world. Now this is the largest refugee camp of the world, where millions of Rohingyas, who came from Myanmar for a shelter and are living in this country. 

Cox’s Bazar was under the rule of Arakan empire by the Mughals in 1666 AD, when Mughal prince Shah Shuja was passing through the place on his way to Arakan. He was attracted very much to its scenic mesmerizing beauty. He ordered his force to camp there. From the history, the place is so admired. The name is derived from the name of Captain Hiram Cox, who was an officer of the British East India Company. He started task of rehabilitation of the Arakanese refugees but died in 1799 before completing his works. A market was named after him to commemorate his role in refugee rehabilitation, from then the place is entitled as Cox’s Bazar, before that the place was named as Palonki. 

The place is located 150 KM south of the divisional headquarter city of Chattogram. The Cox’s Bazar town has an area of 6.85  km2  and Bakkhali river has surrounded the place on north and east . Several 3 stars and 5 stars hotels are available in the area, where you can pass your leisure time effectively. Laboni beach is close to the town and other beaches are also there.

Beside the sea beach you can find some other lovely places there. Himchori National Park is one of them. Lush tropical rain forest, grasslands and trees are covering the area. A number of waterfalls are there. The park was established in 1980 and it was renowned for Asian Elephants.

Aggmeda Khyang is a Buddhist monastery which is revered by around 400,000 Buddhist people of Cox’s Bazar. It has a prayer chamber and an assembly hall enriched with large and small bronze Buddha images and some old manuscripts.

 Ramu is close to Cox’s Bazar, which is a village of Buddhist. It is famous for handmade crafts and cigars. Monasteries, khyangs, pagodas are there, which has images of Buddha of bronze, gold and metals. A large Bronze statue of Buddha is there which a spot of attraction for people is. The place is 10 km away from Cox’s Bazar.  

First safari park of Bangladesh is situated in Chakaria of Cox’s Bazar called Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. This is a tropical erevrgreen forest rich with Garjan, Boilam, Telsur and Chapalish. This is a declared protective area where the animals are kept in a fairly large area with natural environment. Visitors can see the animals through bus, jeep or on foot.  The sanctuary saves a large number of wild elephants which are a great source of national wonder.

The only aquarium shop in Bangladesh is in Cox’s Bazar. Parasailing, Water biking, beach biking, horse riding, Cox carnival bus, Daria nagar Ecopark and many other photogenic sites are in Cox’s Bazar. So the longest sea beach is ready to offer you a lot of national wonder which will give you a memorable journey. 


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