Ramsagar Dighi

Ramsagar Dighi is a magnificent lake situated in Dinajpur, which is 1079 meters long from north to south and 192 meters from east to west. In the mid of 1750s the lake was created. Raja Ram Nath constructed this lake and the lake is named after him. The excavation cost needed 30000 taka then and about believed that, 1.5 million workers too part to contruct the lake.   

This is one of the largest and oldest manmade water reservoirs in Bangladesh. This is situated about 8 km south of Dinajpur city, in Tejpur village. Between 1750 and 1755, the construction process took place. 

In the creation of these kind of lakes, some myths born there always. It is believed that, there was a shortage of drinking water in the village. There was no rainfall in the area for 3 years. All the areas were dried up and people were suffering very much. Then the Raja decided to build a lake to sort out people’s struggling over water. He spent a lot of money in those time and lots of workers joined the making process. 

There are two temples at the north of the lake. Called by Dev mandir,Baroduari and Hazarduayri. The structures were made in 17th or 18th century. 

A magnificent forest is located there, with a lot of trees. In 2001, the forest was declared as a national pak. The total area is about 60 hectares.  

In the park there are some animals, such as deer, wild boar, blue bull, sloth bear and hyena. There are also some birds like white-breasted water hen, jacanas, moorhen, river tern, sand piper, ringed plover and grey and purple herons. Moreover, the lake is a safe haven for migratory birds.

The lake is full of different species of fish. There are also some fresh water crocodiles. The national park is managed by the Department of Forest, while the lake is looked after by the Department of Fisheries.

Now the reservoir is not used for drinking water, rather than it has become a place of tourist attraction. Each year, lots of people visit there for refreshment. Peoples from all over the country come there for picnic. Now the beautiful lake has become a tourist attraction and people love to explore there for its natural beauty and gorgeousness.  

To reach Ramsagar Dighi, you’ll have to reach Dinajpur town first. If you go through air, the airport is in Syeedpur. From there Dinajpur is a bus distance. You can move to the national forests by  local transports. 

Ransagar Dighi ia plac of stunning beauty and full of immense ife style You have ever visit Dinapr, never forget to explore this amazing wetland of beauty. 


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