Isha Kha Jangle Bari

Jangalbari Fort is a monument erected by Isha Khan in Kishoreganj district of Bangladesh. Masnade-Ala-Bir Isha Khan was the chief of the Bar Bhuiyan of Bengal. Isha Khan’s jungle was actually the second capital of Isha Khan. It is currently an archaeological site listed by the Archaeological Department of Bangladesh. The fort is located on the bank of the river Narsunda in the village of Jangalbari under Kadirjangal Union under Karimganj upazila of Kishoreganj district.

Darbar Hall: The almost ruined courtyard hall can still be seen in various designs and its construction will give you an idea of ​​the history and culture of the time.

Isha Khan Mosque: There is an ancient mosque built by Isha Khan in the jungle house of the monastery of Bara Bhuiyan. As there was no nameplate in the mosque, no idea was made about its construction. There are three large domes on the roof of this mosque, 44 feet long and 18 feet wide. There are lovely minarets in every corner of the mosque. The walls of the mosque are about four feet wide. On the east side of the mosque is an open porch 11 feet. Yet, Muslims regularly pray in this mosque.

Ishakhan Memorial Museum: As part of the Karimganj Upazila administration, some parts of Isha Khan Khan’s house have been renovated and used as ‘Isha Khan Memorial Museum’. The museum has a library and various items used by Isha Khan.

If you want to visit Jangalbari Fort or Isha Khan’s house, first you have to come to Kishoreganj District Headquarters. From Dhaka you can come to Kishoreganj by train or bus. Arriving at Kishoreganj by train from Dhaka to Kamalapur or from the airport railway station at 7:15 am, you will reach Kishoreganj by 11 am. It takes Tk 125 to 250 to get tickets for the Kishoreganj train from Dhaka. Then, with Easybike for only 5 rupees, let’s move to the city center of Ekrampur.

And if you want to get on the bus, go to Kishoreganj Gital Bus from any bus of Kishoreganj Gami from Mohakhali or Golapbag bus stand in Dhaka. Then go to Rickshaw or Ejibike at the city’s Ekrampur intersection. Easybike will have to pay a rent of Tk 10 and Rickshaw 25. From Ekrampur intersection, you can easily visit CNG, Rickshaw or Ejibike to visit Jangalbari Fort or Isha Khan. Local Easybike will charge 20 tk per person. If you want to make a reservation, it will cost you 350-450 Tk.


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