Hum Hum waterfall

Hum Hum waterfall is one of the main tourist attractions of Bangladesh. Locally it is called by Cheetah falls, which is in the Razkandi reserve forest in Kamalganj, Moulovibazar district. It was discovered by 2010 by a tourist group which was guided by Shyamal Deva barma.

The fall is about 150 to 160 feet. The adventurous journey towards Hum Hum waterfall will give you an immense feel of natural beauty. It is a 3-4 hours trek through the muddy path and jungles. You will find leeches there and they are a lot in number. Never try to reach there without the guide and it is always better to move there with a team.

Knife, torch, dry food, fresh water, saline, glucose and first aid are must to keep with you when you are starting your journey. There are several guides there, you can easily find them. Some bamboo sticks are really helpful for your support. In the track, visitors have to go through a natural fountain, locally entitled as nala. From there the tourists have to walk through the water. It is recommended to start your journey very early in the morning as you can’t start your back journey when it’s dark. The restaurants are in Moulovibazar and in Srimangal, so you should carry some dry food over there. Don’t take any large bag, comfortable shoes will help you trekking.

The Hum hum water fall is a sign of natural beauty of beautiful Bangladesh, explore the tremendous beauty, explore the magic of trekking. 


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