Bandarban is one of the hilly regions of Bangladesh. With immense beauty, mesmerizing sightseeing and breathtaking greenery, this is one of the most attractive places of Bangladesh. There are so many attractive places in this lovely place, one of them is Nilgiri. This is one of the tallest peaks of Bangladesh and an attractive tourist place. With a height of about 3500 feet this is situated at Thanchi thana. From the place a beautiful view of Bandarban town, Moro villages are seen. The whole place is covered with clouds, sometimes you can enjoy the clouds are turning into rains, and you are watching this unbelievable view from the top of the clouds. In the dawn the best view is seen, sunrise from Nilgiri is something you can never forget. One cup of tea could be the best tea of your lifetime you are there with your loved ones. The artful scenario of Sangu river is also seen from place. Army brigade of Bandarban manages the place. There are some local shops there, from where you can buy natural honey and their local products. People are very friendly there who are ready to welcome you with a warm heart.Buses from Dhaka to Bandarban are available. From bandarban you can easily hire a private jeep or a chander gari to reach there. The fare is around 800 to 1000 taka. In a chander gari 10 to 12 people can sit, it take shalf an hour to reach there. The road to reach Nilgiri is wonderful, if your luck favors, you can explore raining in another hill, whereas in your hill it is a top sun!There are hotels available in bandarban, you can stay there. Rooms for staying at Nilgiri are also available but you have to pre book the rooms as there is a rush for the rooms. Nilgiri is the one of amazing places for exploring hills and exploring Bandarban. 


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