Debota Khum

The Kingdom of Khumah is Bandarban. And the crown of excellence in this kingdom will undoubtedly go to the Debota Khum. The khum, which is about 60-100 feet deep, is 600 feet in length. It is said that the name of the mammoth is not known to the creature. Some of the local elders also claim to have seen it. Such myths but multiply the attractiveness of travel.

From any corner of Bangladesh you can visit Banderban and from there by bus / moon car / CNG / motorcycle to Rowanchari (40-50 minutes walk). From there on the CNG / Motor Bike to Kocchoptoli (30 minutes walk). Then for an hour and a half walking on foot, you will reach Debota Khum

Bus fares from Dhaka to Bandarban – Tk 620 per person (non AC bus) From Bandarban to Roangchari bus fare is -60 Tk. The cost of a CNG rental is estimated to be around 150-200. It took us a total of 1200 tk for 4 bales. And the guide costs a total of 500 tk.

There are some guideline everyone needs to remember:

  1. must go to the turtle and report to the army camp with the guides.
  2.  It is best to tell the guide in advance about the small boat for a tour of the Debota Khum.
  3.  On your way to the Khum, you will find a shrubbhanda fountain. Be sure to look at the fountain on the way. 
  4. During the rainy season, the true beauty of Khum is seen. However, the subsequent tracking of the Shilbandha falls becomes very challenging as the slopes are very slippery. So it’s best to be mentally prepared in advance.  The debota khum is a very clean place. Please do not go around there and leave any dirt to pollute the place.


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