Amia Khum

Amiakhum is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. The beauty of this will take away your mind. Such a beautiful place is such a difficult journey to get here. About 6-7 hours walk from Padmajhiri before you have to come to Thaisapara. Stay and eat at the hillside home in Thyssapara. The next day, to come to Amaiyakhum, the deity had to climb a steep hill called Pahar. Getting down this path is a thrilling thing for any adventure-loving traveler. However, these difficulties will be washed away after seeing the appearance of Amiakhum. After the deity descends from the mountain, the left hand will go towards the nayakshamana, and on the left will be amiakhum. It is also a great thing to do in a bamboo-made vine to go to Nayakshangmukh.

How to go: From Dhaka to Bandarban, the fare is Tk 620. From Bandarban to Thanchi Reserve Jeep (Tk 5200 if traveling, 12 can go) or Thanchi by local bus (tk 200 per fare). But I will recommend to go to the reserve jeep. Because the sooner you can reach Thanchi, the better. Have to take the guide from Thanchi. From there reserve boat paddmukh shrimp. The fare is 1200-1500 taka, 5-6 people can go in one boat. From there you should start tracking with the name of Allah. About 5-6 hours after arriving, Thaisapara will arrive. Stay there at night. There are 150 per person. The food is 120 bucks. The next morning, Amiakhum will leave with a guide. As good as you can go in the morning, two small hills will have to rise before the gods because it will be a little difficult to trek when the sun rises. It will take about 2.5-3 hours to reach Amiyakhum from Thuyispara. Then if you have the time, you can return to Thanchi.


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