Alutila Guha

Alutila Cave is a natural cave in Khagrachari district of Bangladesh. Alutila Cave, situated at a height of 3000 feet from the sea level 7 km west of the main town in Matiranga upazila of Khagrachari district, is located at Alutila Cave. Locals call it Matai Hakara or the cave of a god. This cave is very dark and cool.

The little bass in your hand is the only source of light in the cave. The bottom of the tunnel is slippery and a fountain flows over the rocky and underneath surface. The cave looks like a subterranean tunnel with a length of about 350 feet. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to get through the cave and enter through the cave. The cave’s height is sometimes too low therefore you have no choice but to crawl in order to pass by


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