Tinap Saitar

Tinap Saitar is located at Roangchari in Bandarban, now the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. To many it is also known as Pindu Saitara. To go to Tinap Saitara you have to walk 40 km. We have to come back that way again. The word saitar in Bam language means fountain. To reach Bandarban, take off from the bus and go to the local bus from Roangchhari bus stand. From there you will have to walk 23 km with a guide. At night you need to stay at Ronin para then in the morning you need to walk about 4/5 hours(the time may be more or less depending on the speed and stamina), when crossing the Pindu Canal and huge hills suddenly emerges in front of the eyes; the mighty Tinap Saitar. 

Tinap Saitar is said to be the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. However, the path to Tinap is a lifetime adventure. And the unmarked Pindu canal needs to explanation of how amazing it is!

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