Chhera Dwip

Last point on the map is Chera Dwip in southern Bangladesh. This is the end zone of Bangladesh border in the south region. St. Martin’s area of 100 to 500 square meters includes several different islands locally known as’ Cheradiya’ or’ Siradiya.’  In the name of the islands, “Chera” separated from the mainland as the island-“Chera Dwip.

The blue water of the sea isolated St. Martin from the country’s last districts. Chera Dwip split from St. Martin Island’s mainland as well. It’s like “a floating forest in the middle of the sea” from a distance. Come close and you will see Coral stone and sand, Chera Dwip’s waves are coming towards you.

First you need to reach Teknaf if you wish to visit Chhera Dwip. From Dhaka you can use airlines or bus services to reach Teknaf. There are few ships and cruises sailing every day from Teknaf. Cruises and ships begin their journey from Teknaf to St. Martin about 9 a.m.-9.30 a.m. and return from St. Martin from 3 p.m.-3.30 p.m. The important thing is that these ships do not provide services during the off-season (May-August / September) due to inclement weather. September-April is the peak season. You have to go by speedboat or troller to Chera Dwip from St. Martin’s.

Photo Credit: Ehsan Kabir Shoybal


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