Susong Durgapur

Birishiri is a traditional village located in Durgapur upazila of Netrokona district. Birjiri’s Vijayapur has attractive porcelain and blue water lakes. This porcelain hills and plains of Vijaypur are about 16 km in length and 600 meters in width. The main source of the blue water of the lake is the river Sameshwari. The river is now known as the coal mine. The river Someshwari is unique in its form as a lake of blue flame.

The porcelain hills, blue water lakes in Birishiri are also an ideal place to visit the Soameswari river, Ranikhang church and the orange queen. The beauty of Kashwan and the Garo Hills on the banks of the river Someswari fascinates all travelers who come to Birishri. During the monsoon, the river Someshwari matches all the forms, so tourists come to see the beauty of Birisiri.

From Dhaka’s Mohakhali bus terminal, Sarkar and Jinnat buses leave for Durgapur directly. It takes 250 to 350 taka to get to Durgapur on these two buses. Although the destination is Durgapur, these buses usually go to Sukhanagari. From Sukhnagari, a small river need to be crossed by boat to go to Durgapur. Then on a rickshaw, bus or motorcycle can be used for the rest of the way. 20 bucks to go to the bus, 80 to 100 rickshaw rickshaw and 2 to 100 bikes for motorcycle can go to Durgapur.

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