Dudhpukuria Dhopachari Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the border of Chittagong, Bandarban, Rangamati Hill Districts. This wildlife sanctuary is in the Khurusia and Dohazari ranges under the Chittagong Southern Forest Division. The sanctuary is located in Rangunia, Chandanish upazila. It consists of 4716.57 hectares of Dudhpukuria, Silchari, Dhopachari and Mongla Forest blocks of Khurusia and Dohazari ranges.

In this connection, it is easy to travel from Chittagong city to Chittagong-Kaptai road on the northeast by Chandraghona Lichubagan and Bandhuban Rangamati road from Litchu garden by adding Dudhpukuria bus to the south. Surrounding the sanctuary are 8 villages of Marma, Tanchunga and Bengali. The total family number is 1000. But indigenous families live inside the sanctuary at Dhopachari, Kamalachari and Mongla Range blocks.



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