Ratargul swamp forest

What is known as the Sundarban of Sylhet? What is the only swamp forest of Bangladesh? The answer is clear, it’s Ratargul swamp forest. Department of Forestry, Government of Bangladesh is conserving this beautiful piece of beauty in our country, the greenery heaven of Bangladesh. 

The locals of Sylhet use the word as tree, from that the word Ratargul has arrived. The total area is 3325.61 acres, including 504 acres declared as the animal sanctuary in 2015. The place is 26 kilometers far from Sylhet. Swamp forests are specific forests overwhelmed with fresh water, permanently or seasonally. These types of forests are found in climate zones, Ratargul is one of them .  This swamp forest is rich with fresh water and situated by the river Goain and linked with the channel chengir khal. Most of the trees here are Koroch tree, the forest is submerged under 20-30 feet of water in the rainy season. For the rest of the year, the forest gets under water normally 10 feet deep. After reaching in Gowainghat of Sylhet, a person has to hire traller to reach Ratargul. You can go through the inner roads of Khadim tea garden and khadimnagar national park. You have to reach to Shringi bridge with CNG or jeep, then you can move to Ratargul.  If anyone wants to ride by CNG from Ambarkhana, he/she would have to pay 100 per person to reach the Shringi Bridge. Then he/she can hire the boat. There is a second route also. This is via jaflong. This route will enable you to have some mesmerizing scenic beauty of Sylhet. 

There are basically two haors, namely Shimul bil haor and neoa bil haor. This is rich with diversified plants and birds, 73 species of plants re found here and 80 percent of the total forest is covered with trees. The best time to visit Ratargul is the monsoon weather, in July- October. The boat ride becomes really breathtaking in that moment.  You will find 25 species of water soluble plants here, for what the place is called the Sundarban of Sylhet also.  

Snake, worm snake, Mongoose, Monkey and Water Monitor are highly seen in this region. Mongoose are seen in dry season mainly. Some species of birds are also seen here regularly. Like Heron, Kingfisher, Egret, Parrot, Bulbul, Swan, Dove, water Fowl, Eagle and Kite birds are the member of the list. Other migratory birds and vulture visit the forest in winter.Pabda, Rohu, Rita, Batasio and some other fishes are available and regularly seen in the region.  In 1973, total 504 acres of wildlife habitat was declared by the forest department of Bangladesh.   

One needs to seek the permission from the forest office to visit the beautiful forest. Then he/she has to hire a boat to roam around, from Gowain ghat he/she can take all kind of foods he/she needs. There is a water tower in the middle of the haor, from the tower a mesmerizing view is seen of the whole forest.

 This dense forest offers a vacation with freshness, living with nature and comprising a lot of plants with wildlife discoveries. With your loved ones and with your family, Ratargul could be a great destination to visit for! 


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