Sreemangal, The land of Tea-Garden.The feel of great mountains, freshness of tea and the view of waterfall is there to kill you with wild beauty. Sreemangal is the perfect place for a long holiday with family. The way reaching Sreemangal is an adventure by itself. Train-Journey is the most popular one. The  outside-view from window is very eye pleasing. You can also travel there via bus or airline. For Staying in Sreemangal, there are Eco Cottages and they are much comfortable. These cottages give you a vibe of nature with all modern facilities.“Lawachara”, “Madhobpur Lake”, and “Hum Hum waterfall” are the main highlights of Sreemangal. Hum Hum waterfall needs a quiet a bit of tracking; rest are very comfortable to visit.If you are planning a long holiday you can also visit “Ratargul”, “La La khal”, “Bichana-Kandi” etc.


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