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Bangladesh is the most wonderful child of nature. And the culture of Bangladesh is one of the oldest and richest in the whole world.

We love to travel. And we love to collect memories. We take photographs, shoot videos, write down our emotions. In RUCHI Beautigram season 3, you can submit your travel story through photo, video and writings. We want to rediscover the wonderful beauty of this blessed land.

Deadline for voting:
March 30, 2021

Exciting Prizes in each category & theme
Exhibition in Dhaka
Global Virtual Exhibition
National Press Exposure
Immediate Exposure of Your Work During the Competition


This year, we want to rediscover our pride and history through your lens and pen. The participants can submit their works under two themes- Nature of Bangladesh and Heritage of Bangladesh.



While travelling, we love to capture the moments, the beauties. We love to capture photos. We are in search of beautiful travel photographs captured by Bangladeshi travelers.


This category is for travel videographers. Shoot the story of your travel in your camera and submit them. Represent Bangladesh through your lens.


While writing, we open our heart to ourselves. Travel blogging is such a work that takes a reader through the journey of beauty and serenity. Submit your writings and let us see the beauty of Bangladesh through your eyes.

Judging Panel

GMB Akash, Photographer

GMB Akash

GMB Akash is renowned for his unique storytelling style through photography. His work has been featured in over 100 major publications including Vogue, Time, The Guardian, Sunday Times etc. He has received more than 100 international photography awards.

Rashed Zaman, Cinematographer

Rashed Zaman

Rashed Zaman is one of the most celebrated cinematographers of Bangladesh for his outstanding works in cinema and commercials. He won National Film Awards for best cinematography for the film Aynabaji in 2016.

Iffat Nawaz

Iffat Nawaz is a writer, photographer & development specialist with a special focus on the environment. Iffat Nawaz tells us about the wonderful experiences of her travels throughout the world. Her works have been acclaimed by some of the international magazines.


Among the submissions, the judges will create a short list of each category under each theme. The top participants will be selected both by the judges and the audiences. Audiences can vote their favorite works by logging in the website of RUCHI Beautigram. The short listed participants will get the opportunity of entering into the Beautigram exhibition.

Exhibition in Dhaka

The short listed works will be in the hands of the most influential creative persons of the country. They will be exhibited in the art gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in the presence of most renowned photographers, videographers and writers.

Global Virtual Exhibition

The short listed works will also be exhibited in a virtual gallery on the website of RUCHI Beautigram. After visiting the virtual exhibition, audiences can vote their favourite works online.

Exciting Gifts for Finalists

Top three participants in each category under both themes will be awarded with exciting prizes. In the writing category, each of the three winners will be awarded with laptops. In the photography category, they will get high configuration smartphones, in the video category they will be awarded with digital cameras.

Past Seasons

Let’s have a look through our previous journey. Here, enjoy the shortlisted submissions of season 1 & 2.

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Beautigram Season 1 Logo