Bashbaria sea beach, Chittagong

The natural beauty of Sitakunda, the beautiful scenery of mountainous lake, the picturesque hillside, echo park green forests, eco-parked hillsides, and the beautiful scenery of Lake Hill. A few days back, a new tourist spot has been added to the previous list, and it is the Bansbaria Sea Beach.

On the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, a small market named Bansbariya Bazar is about 25km north of Chittagong city. Through this market, a narrow pitch can be reached in just 15 minutes on the coast of Bansbariya Sea.

The main attraction of this beach is that you can walk in the ocean more than half a kilometer. Here you can travel freely, you can get the beauty of nature. The trench tree of Zhao garden and the new wave of huge sand fields, all in all, this wonderful beauty is waiting for the visitors.

Any bus headed to Chittagong from Dhaka will take one to Shitakunda Bazar. After reaching Shitakunda Bazar, one needs to reach Bashbaria Bazar by taking a local bus. From Bashbaria Bazar, CNG auto rickshaws will take one to the ultimate destination- Bashbaria Sea Beach.


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