This slum and field shop has been set up around the Salop Station in Ullapara upazila of Sirajganj district. In the meantime, they have gained a lot of fame throughout the district with their special taste of slums and fields. Because every day, people come from different parts of the district to taste this nectar. To taste the Salop’s of the Salop, you must first go to Sirajganj Road from any part of the country, from there to Ullapara upazila and from there to the sloping station and from there to the Salop of LA. Along with eating this ghoul, one can see the Ullapara Sonntala Bridge, Ghutia Bridge and Sirajganj Road, 20 minutes away from the ancient archeological site Navratna Temple. It is your moral responsibility to go around & always keep your surroundings clean


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