Khan Mohammad Mirdhas Mosque Dome

In 1704-5, under the direction of Kazi Khan Mohammed Ebadullah, the chief of Dhaka, this mosque was built by Khan Mohammad Mirdha Dotala! About 17 feet high, it was built on a platform with three domes. Madrasah on the northeast side of the prayer house! Except for the mosque and the madrasa, the rest of the area is open, assuming the students were taught here, and the rooms below were a place to stay! If you want to see Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque you have to go to Lalbag of Dhaka!

The mosque can be visited at any time, if any lover of history and archeology wants it. That is why you have to come to Rickshaw from Dhaka University or walk to Lalbagh Fort. From the main gate of Lalbagh Fort, Rahmat Ullah will be seen beyond the boy’s high school.

The Bangladesh Department of Archeology has hanged a signboard on its premises, declaring it a protected artifact. It states that the Department of Archeology, Khan Mohammad, has included Mirdha Mosque in the list of preserved artifacts. No part of it may be destroyed or damaged without the permission of the Department. If that is the case with anyone, a one-year sentence and a fine have been set. Although the Department of Archeology takes charge of the conservation, the mosque is managed by a committee. Every Friday, the Imam Khadim’s salary is paid by the money received from the Friday prayers.


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