Hardinge Bridge

In our boring daily life definitely there is shortage of one thing and that is “Time”. We all are busy in our lives does not matter which profession we belong. So the time and pocket is tight, an in-out tour is perfectAnd here “Sitakund” comes in. It takes just 4 to 5 hours from Dhaka to Sitakund. So an early morning bus is good enough. After reaching the spot, there is a long way in the mountains which needs to go though. There will be CNG there to take you at the top, but walking though that mountain road is another thrill.Having enough water with is a must. There is a water fall in Sitakund, after reaching a point there are stairs going down to the waterfall. Going down via the stairs down there is very risky. But after reaching the beautiful waterfall will be found. That fountain water feels like heaven after that long walking.The journey normally ends by afternoon, so there is plenty of time.So visiting “Khoiyachora” and “Napittochora” is highly possible.In a tight budget “Sitakund” is a very good option to Explore.


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