Tajhat Palace

Tajhat Rajbari or Tajhat Zamindarbari is a historic palace located in Tajhat near the city of Rangpur, Bangladesh, which is now being used as a museum. It is an attractive place for tourists in Rangpur. The palace is 3 km to the southeast of Rangpur city.

During the latter part of the eighteenth century, the jeweler, Mannalal, came to Mahiganj for business reasons and later established the Tajhat Zamindari. After the zamindar mannalal died, his adopted son Gopal Lal Roy Bahadur Zamindari started managing. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the present Tajhat zamindar house was completed in the relentless labor of about 2000 masonry. The landlord’s house, which was completed in 1917, cost around Tk 1.5 crore at that time.

During the summer months, the Rangpur Museum and the Tajhat Zamindar house are open from 10am to 6pm during the months of April to September. And during the winter months, October to March, 9am to 5pm are open for inspection. The lunch break is closed at the Rangpur Museum from 1pm to 1pm. Every day of the week, the museum is closed for half a day on Mondays. Visits to the museum are also closed on all public holidays.

For all Bangladeshi adults, to enter the Rangpur Museum, one has to pay a ticket for 20 rupees. Secondary level students have to collect a ticket for 5 rupees to enter the Tajhat zamindar house, but children under 5 do not need any ticket to enter. Apart from this, the admission ticket for the visitors of SAARC countries is Tk 100 and the admission ticket for any foreigners is Tk 200.

Buses from Kalyanpur, Gabtali and Mohakhali bus terminals of the capital regularly travel to Rangpur on a regular basis. On these buses, people need to pay Tk 600 to Tk 1000 per person to go to Rangpur. From Rangpur busstand to rickshaw, Tajhat zamindar house only costs Tk 20. However, a bus going from Dhaka to Kurigram-bound bus goes straight to the Tajhat zamindar house.


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