Khagrachori is a hilly district of Bangladesh situated in south-eastern Bangladesh.Locally it is known as ‘Chengmi’ and also known as the Mong Circle.

This is 112 km from Chattogram, the road to Khagrachori is amazing, fully covered with greenery images and fascinating calmness. For the natue loving people, Khagrachori is an ideal place to visit. Nture can purify our soul and refreshes us in a new mode. If you are interested to explore the spectacular views of sunrise and the sunset and want to spend some solitary hoursin the green, Kharachori is the ultimate place for you. Chengi, Kasalong and Maini are its three rivers.

Khagrachori has a lot to offer you. Richhang Waterfall is one of them. Just get down in the Richhang bus stop as the place is 10 km prior to Khagrachori. Or you can hire any private transport from Khagrachori and easily reach to Richhang waterfall. The waterfall has a splendid view which can offer you a memorable unique tour. The waterfall is surrounded by green hills and trees, you have to climb trees and hills to reach there. Finally the waterfall is mesmerizing enough to offer you the tranquility and calmness there.

Alutila cave is another tourist attraction there. This is the most famous cave of our country. If you are thrill lover and adventourous, then it’s a place for you. This is situated at Matiranga sub district, natural tropical forest is surrounding the place. This cave is like a subway where cool water flows through the surface. You have to bring a torch while passing through this 100 meter cave. It is locally believed that, this cave was used as tiger’s residence before.

Debota pukur is another mysterious place of Khagrachori. This pond is located at Nunchhori, which is around 1600 feet from the ground. The myth says that, the water never dry out of this pond, that’s why the pond is entitled in this name. The pond will bring you a cool fresh air and sense of calmness there.

Panichari Shantipuri Aranya Kutir is a lovable place of Khagrachori. Here you will find the biggest Gautam Buddha statue of Bangladesh. The clean air of the place will give you an immense feeling of tranquility and calmness. The place is adored by the tourists and many tourists visit the place regularly.

Khagrachari trip remains unfulfilled without the sajek trip, where the sunset and sunrise will give you a different definition. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you there. You will see there an environment filled with clouds and fresh air. If you are adventurous enough, you will walk to kanghlak para, from where the sunset is mesmerizing. The harmony of green hills and blue sky will give you a experience of tranquility and inner peace. The simple lifestyle of Kanglak village and the beauty will detach you from your busy life. Sajek valley with all its beauty and tranquility will offer you a wonderful journey. The place is a 1 hour journey from Dighinala upazilla of Khagrachari.

With a lot to offer, Khagrachari is one of the natural wonders of Bangladesh. Don’t wait more, explore this unbelievable beauty. 


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