Ham Ham

A group of tourists, along with tourist guide Shyamol Debvarma, discovered the unspoiled waterfall of Hum Ham at the end of the 2010 in the deep of the Rajkandi reserve forest in Kamlganj upazila of Moulvibazar district. To the locals, this fountain is known as the cheetah fountain, according to them, the leopard was found earlier in this forest. About 140 feet high, people from all over Bangladesh confessed to the many hardships to see the wild beauty of the fountain. Comparative water is very scarce in winter so the time of monsoon is the perfect time to visit the beautiful beauty of Hum Ham.

You have to go from Dhaka to Srimangal. From Dhaka one can go to Srimangal by rail and road. From Kamalapur in Dhaka, the inter-city train Parabat Express leaves at 6:40 am every day of the week except Tuesday. Jayantika Express departs daily at 2pm. The park runs on Saturday nights at 10 pm except Wednesdays. Rent tk 115 to tk 765.

It is best to leave from Srimangal in the morning for the Hammam. First you have to go to Kalaban Para. The up-down CNG fares from Srimangal to Kalaban are expected to be Rs 1000-1200, 3-5 in a car. There are also jeep cars to go to. Arriving at Kalabana is a good guide for 200/300 bucks. Make sure everyone on the travel companion does not take the bamboo stick, and of course keep the yoke in mind. There are two trails that go from Kalaban Para to Hamham, downhill and hill. Although it takes a little longer on the sloping path, the beauty of this trail is much more than the mountain path. However, during the rainy season there are many leaps in the slopes. It will take 2-3 hours to get from Kalavana to Hamham. However, if you do not have the habit of walking on the mountain roads, it may take a little longer.

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